Our Mission

To supply premium CBD products from a brand you can trust.

About Astrogenics

One of the key hesitations we hear from consumers, is that they would love to try CBD or Full Spectrum CBD but, they do not know who they can trust to get it from. There are so many brands and so many types of products, it’s easy to get lost. Our plan is to solve that problem. We are carefully constructing each product to have an impact. We are creating products that people will come back for and trust.

Our business is family owned and operated from seed to sale. We are Colorado born and raised. We are pioneers of the market and have seen plenty of businesses come and go from ground zero. We’ve also seen people get taken advantage of which doesn’t fit our Colorado roots. We are here to change that perspective and give people quality CBD products from a brand they can trust. We will be extending our product line as we see the need to fill gaps and to inject more legitimacy and professionalism into the industry.

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